The space-technology ecosystem employs a multi-disciplinary approach. This approach encompasses science, engineering technical, operational, economic, regulatory, and market perspectives.

The end applications cater to wider public, private, societal and strategic markets. With the proliferation of such an ecosystem in to Next Generation Telecommunication and Digital services, there is an imminent need to build Atmanirbhar capacity for end-to -end scalable, cost-effective solutions such as on demand rapid and multiple launch capability of aerospace vehicles.

I-STAC.DB is an attempt to achieve end-to-end indigenous capabilities from upstream to downstream space-related technologies, i.e., launch vehicle, satellite, sensor, computing, communication, data/image processing, manufacturing and production, materials, etc.

A consortium of companies with complementary and synergizing capabilities forms the core of I-STAC.DB. The consortium is expandable to admit all those that tightly fill the gaps in the end-to-end technological capabilities

Prime Activities

I-STAC.DB includes drawing a vibrant activity based road map with proven and measurable goals encompassing all the disciplines as mentioned above. Following are some the prime activities included under the self-mandated scope.

  • Proven, affordable End-to-end, space technologies to deliver Launch with Own aerospace Vehicle and Launch Platforms.
  • Usage of satellites Designed and Made in India catering to demand from various end user segments.
  • Capability and Capacity enhancement in design and manufacturing of “Trusted computing, communication and integrated sensor” platforms for space eco system.
  • Continually augmenting to acquire, analyze and assimilate data under “Trusted Framework”.
  • National policy deliberations on data and application sovereignty.
  • Ruminating for building framework related to Legal and Policy in space technology domain.
  • International roleplaying in Space Eco System and associated technologies.

To get to know more about ISTAC.db please contact :

Professor Sathya Chakravarthy

Aero Space Department, IIT Madras
Convener ISTAC.db


Senior Project Advisor, CSE Department, IIT Madras
Technical Coordinator,ISTAC.db