Entrepreneurship Development

Support for entrepreneurship development is provided for different levels of education and experience.


Pravartak encourages entrepreneurship in various methods.

This program’s main focus is the stage before a company is incorporated. Pravartak will be seating the entrepreneur with an innovative idea in Cyber-physical systems for a limited period of time and provide them grant for the development of the company.

PRAYAS is a scheme to promote young innovators as well as start-ups. Pravartak helps them to realize their idea of innovation to a prototype in Cyber-physical systems using the grant provided. They will also be provided with access to the Pravartak facilities.

Seed Support Scheme is to promote start-ups with innovative ideas in Cyber-physical systems. A grant is provided for the start-ups registered as private limited company, after validation as per the guidelines from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) for incubating in Pravartak.

Dedicated Innovation Accelerators are introduced post-incubation to supplement and scale up a start-up. It aims to direct focused resources for a start-up to validate product ideas and engage with customers for scaling up and boosting the incubator’s existing activities.

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