Entrepreneurship Development

Support for entrepreneurship development is provided for different levels of education and experience.


Pravartak encourages entrepreneurship in various methods.

This program focuses on the stage before a company is incorporated. Pravartak will be seeding the entrepreneur with an innovative idea in Cyber-physical systems for a limited period and provide them with an opportunity to enhance an idea towards forming a prototype. The maximum period for EIR is one year. Read More

The scope of PRAYAS is to support Ideas to Prototype (by attracting a number of youths who demonstrate problem-solving zeal and abilities to work on new innovative ideas). It addresses gaps in the early-stage idea/proof of concept. PRAYAS aims to translate ideas into prototypes and provide a platform to test bed and for faster experimentation and modification approaches from Ideas to Prototype. Read More

This initiative of the Government of India envisages building a robust Start-up ecosystem in the country for nurturing innovation and providing opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. The scope of SSS caters to prototype stage financing for the commercialization of indigenous ideas, innovations, and technologies. This scheme acts as a bridge between ideation, development and commercialisation and provides a platform for innovative entrepreneurs to carry out their ideas for commercialisation. Read More

The DIAL scheme is post-incubation support linked with existing incubators/companies. This helps fast-track a start-up through focused intervention (Push innovations into the commercial domain) to supplement and complement the scaling up of a startup. It aims at companies to validate products/technology and engages with customers to boost existing activities. Read More

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