Large Scale Data Analytics
Driven Systems Design

Every senior software engineer, module lead, team lead, and project manager must have in-depth conceptual knowledge and skill set, to handle future applications that will generate very large volumes of data. Knowledge about data alone is not sufficient; one must know the end-to-end hardware and software stack on which the data resides and moves.

The mantra is – Scale, Speed & Security.

This course will enable them to be fully independent in conceptualizing, designing and implementing internet scale applications of the future.

Prof Kamakoti Veezhinathan

Course Coordinator, IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation,
Director, IIT Madras.

Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to Data Management

Tools and Techniques for Data Visualization and Communication

Introduction to Business Metrics

Introduction to Applied Business Statistics

Python Programming

Systems Design and Architecture

Performance Monitoring and Management

Regression and Classification for Business Applications

Machine Learning

Time Series Modeling


System and Data Security

Project Management

Project Work - 40 hours - Outside Class hours

Course Brief

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3 Months Courses

2 Semester Course

300 hours of sessions
5 hours training on training days

Sat and Sun, alternate weekends

Online class (Post Covid19 pandemic, in-person classes at IITM Premises, for those who willing to attend in Chennai)

80% attendance must

Basic level understanding of 1 programming language + 1 database required

2 ungraded assignments, 2 graded assignments and 2 exams

Fee ₹ 1.5 Lacs + GST

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